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Thursday, August 11, 2011

M&M's Candy Wrapper Jewelry Kit

This product brought me back many many years to when I was a kid & had to chew way too much gum in order to make these awesome Candy Wrapper Jewelry.

Alex Toys now makes it easier then ever to bring your youth alive with your child or just make a kids day less boring with M&M's Candy Wrapper jewelry kit. There are over 200 wrappers in the kit, along with beads, rope & pretty gem stone type stickers to decorate your creations. This kit literally comes with everything you need, glue, elastic loops, even a hole puncher! I must say my daughter & I had so much fun making a bracelet and an hour went by so quickly I could not believe it.

Open up & everything you need is right in the box.

There are directions which are easy to understand for both me and my 7 year old (which is not always the easiest thing to come by with children's toys & crafts)
A blue hole puncher, which is actually quite impressive to come with the kit. It's not plastic or junky, it's solid & does the job.
The glue stick is also included and the top is a devise to smooth down the wrappers in order to make them easier to fold & connect. There are 200 M&M wrappers of all colors and styles.
What a great recycling project!
And last but not least it comes with 9 suede cords, 9 beads, 4 elastic hoops & 30 sticky gemstones.

We had such a blast working together to make a piece of recycled art.

Here she is hard at work creating her bracelet

I can not imagine a kid not loving these! Great for kids who love crafts or just like to keep their hands moving. As an adult I loved it, great stress reliever and a really fun, amazing craft to teach and share with children. Great way to show how items can be reused and why recycling is so important. I highly recommend this. Its a great project an awesome craft & a fun way to pass the hours without getting bored.

And our creation brought a gleam to my girls eyes!

Love it!
Next is a headband! She is so excited to make more things and share em with her friends!

Way to go Alex Toys on bringing back a classic!!!

I was given this product for free from to review with my daughter. I am 100% honest and my thoughts, opinions & feeling could never be bought.

you can purchase one of your very own right here! Affordable & fun! Just imagine :)
Purchase Here

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